The Pipal Tree Story

The Pipal Tree Story

Started in 2015, Pipal Tree proves a full spectrum platform for rural disadvantaged women earn their livelihood by getting trained in handicrafts and selling what they make.

Humble Beginnings

Pipal Tree started in 2015 with just 3 women artisans making Name Plates and key holders. These products were sold on footpath at Bistupur(Jamshedpur) and going door-to door. We are deeply indebted to the people who supported us then by purchasing these and also providing us with moral support.

Marching ahead

With the inputs from people, we diversified our product range. We also trained more artisans with the profits and from the support of local administration. This led to increase in sales and hence we were able to provide livelihood to more rural women.

Setting up physical stores

Fighting against all odds, after 6 months, we set up our first retail Kiosk at Big Bazar Campus, Jamshedpur. It instantly became a big hit. With constant support from people our efforts started getting materialized into something substantial. In a span of about 4 month, we also set up another kiosk at Pantaloons(Lalpur), Ranchi.

From Laborers to Trainers

With experience from craftsmanship and public exposure, our artisans got confident enough to train students at various colleges under Kolhan University and Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya (KGVG) across Jharkhand. They also train other rural women their crafts on a daily basis.

Getting more exposure

With constant eagerness to learn and grow, we increased our footprint by setting up more Kiosks at P & M City Center Mall(Bistupur, Jamshedpur) and Nucleus Mall(Ranchi). We also started selling at various tourist places like Burudih Dam(Ghatsila, East Singhbhum) and Patratu Valley

Going Online

On 15th August 2018, we set up our e-commerce store at with the vision of reaching you directly without any geographical constraints. This has provided huge boost to not just our footprint but also to the morale of the artisans who were finding the constraints to reach you too shackling.

Founder’s Message

Village-level self sufficiency (Gram Swaraj) is extremely crucial to the development of New India. India is extremely rich with so many gifts of nature sprinkled all around us.  If just make some effort to utilize these and have some motivation, we can easily move towards sustainable living and happiness. At Pipal Tree, we constantly strive to achieve this goal of Gram Swaraj by promoting local art, crafts and culture.

– Utpalendu Shaw